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Carrier FurnaceYour heating system has a continuing impact on your comfort, budget, and air quality.  It only makes sense to take the best possible care of it.  Whatever style of heating system you rely on, protect your investment with a maintenance plan from Mann-In.  We are dedicated to providing year round comfort to homeowners across Chantilly, Herndon, Fairfax, Vienna, Centreville, Great Falls & Mclean, VA, we know what it takes to ensure reliable temperature control.

There’s no way around seasonal maintenance.  If you neglect your equipment, or trust the upkeep to contractors who lack experience and perform only partial services, you’re making a costly mistake.  The efficiency, operational noise, longevity, and heating capacity of equipment is dependent on overall condition.  Even a small disruption with one component can quickly compromise the entire system.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the team from Mann-In brings the highest level of expertise, most advanced tools, and years of hands-on experience to every project.  Through conscientious inspection, cleaning, and troubleshooting, our factory trained technicians will maintain the integrity and smooth operation of your heating unit.

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No one wants to face a sudden repair on the coldest weekend of the year.  But that’s exactly when equipment tends to breakdown, right when it’s working the hardest.  The cost of unexpected repairs will triple the minor expense of annual service.  Replacing the entire system can be fifty times more expensive than a regular service call.  By having your furnace or heat pump tuned every fall, you’ll avoid the majority of malfunctions, save time and money, ensure efficiency, and extend service life.  Your heating system will be ready to live up to the winter workload, and continue to provide consistent and reliable warmth year after year.

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When you neglect service, your Indoor Air Quality and safety is at risk.  All sorts of unpleasant things, such as vermin, animal feces, bugs, organic matter, dust, mold, and mildew, can be concealed within the inner workings of an HVAC system. These pollutants also restrict airflow and cause friction, requiring the system to work much harder and prompting longer run times.  Incomplete combustion, overheating, cracking or corrosion of the heat exchanger, and the possible introduction of combustion byproducts into the airstream are of major concern.

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With a safety first approach, the service technicians from Mann-In complete a yearly inspection of your entire system, ensuring proper start up, operation, and shutdown.  By identifying and addressing any areas of concern, we head off problems before they start, saving you the time and aggravation of sudden breakdowns.  Through conscientious cleaning, we promote a cleaner, healthier home environment and maximize energy efficiency.  Your system will last longer, operate more dependably, and provide superior heating for less expense.  Trust the upkeep of your equipment to Mann-In, and we’ll provide the comfort you desire and quality you deserve.

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