Air Filtration Services in Chantilly & Herndon, VA

A carefully sealed home envelope is important for energy efficiency, but often leads to poor Indoor Air Quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, stale and polluted air can result in health problems that include allergies, headaches, rashes, and respiratory ailments, such as asthma and sinusitis. More than 31 million Americans suffer from asthma. About a third of those are children under 18.

Pet dander, dust mites, pollen, smoke, mold, viruses, fungi, odors, and bacteria can all be found in most homes, creating a less than ideal living environment. Considering that the average person sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes each day, and about 40,000 dust mites can live in one ounce of dust, it's necessary to be proactive in the fight against indoor pollutants. When it comes to trapping particulates and microbials, whole-home air cleaners are amazing tools. A whole-home air purifier can be incorporated into almost any HVAC system, and are offered in multiple sizes, types and price ranges. Operating silently, these systems remove allergens from the filtered air, supplying clean air throughout your home and ensuring the air quality your family deserves.

Mann-In, Inc. offers homeowners throughout Chantilly, Herndon, Fairfax, Vienna, Centreville, Great Falls & Mclean, VA air filtration services & solutions which are designed to work with HVAC systems to improve the cleanliness of your indoor air. Our team of air specialists know how to evaluate your home and match your exact needs and budget to the right air quality products. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we provide a complete line of Carrier healthy home solutions. The award-winning Infinity Air purifier features an outstanding MERV rating of 15 and eliminates pollutants from the air that are up to 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin. Cleaning indoor air as often as eight times an hour, this system solves breathing problems by pulling mold, pollen, dust mites, and other particles out of household air.

Contact Mann-In for a full range of air purifying products. If any member of your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or dust sensitivities, we're here to help. We specialize in maintaining clean, healthy, temperature controlled homes, and look forward to improving your breathing air and quality of life.

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